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News & Media

The Parenting Network provides several ways for individuals to stay up-to-date with what’s happening with our agency.

Video Testimonials

Visit The Parenting Network on You Tube or view parent testimonials below:

  • Latania, a mom who has participated in HIPPY, Fireworks: Anger Management, and Raising the Spirited Child
  • Tina, an adoptive mom in the HIPPY program
  • Eric, a volunteer with the Dad Matters 24/7 program
  • Mindy, a Welcome, Baby! participant
  • Quanisha and Cornell, a young couple expecting their first child
  • Vivian, a mom participating in both HIPPY and Family Links

Media Coverage

Annual Report

The Parenting Network’s Annual Report provides information about the previous year, including news, a profile of services, and a financial report. You can view our 2013 Picture of Services.

Parenting & Prevention Newsletter

View Parenting Matters August Newsletter. We publish our Parenting & Prevention E-Newsletter several times throughout the year.

Social Media

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